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Having been taught flat green bowls by a coach, and now a coach myself, I strongly recommend that anyone considering taking up the game - whatever the code - should follow suit.

Books, especially those that are well illustrated, can help to supplement coaching, and listed below are my selection of titles, albeit subjective, most suited to the needs of the beginner for crown, flat green and short mat bowls. Many of the titles are equally suitable for bowlers with some experience. If you are interested in the possibility of purchasing one of these books, please note:

  • All books listed were published after 1980 so most are relatively easy to obtain through one or more of the sources described under Buying Books. Apart from the laws, most of the fundamentals are still relevant today.
  • A number of the titles have been published in more than one edition; clearly the later edition(s) will be more up-to-date.
  • If you need guidance on a purchase, do and I'll be pleased to help.
Title   (Click title below) Author, Compiler, etc
Beginner's Guide to Bowls, The Geoffrey Godden
Bowl with Bryant David Bryant
Bowl to Win David Bryant and Tony Allcock
Bowls Chris Mills
Bowls - Know the Game Bowls England and the BCGBA
Bowls (Not Balls) Ron Collingridge
Bowls - Skills · Techniques · Tactics John Bell
Challenge of Lawn Bowls, The Wal Davies
Crown Green Bowling for the Beginner crown green icon  V S Bulley
Crown Green Bowls for Beginners crown green icon Brian Livingston
Flat Green Bowls - The Skills of the Game Gwyn John
Guidance for New Bowlers Bowls England
Guidance for New Bowlers and the Etiquette of Bowls Royal Victorian Bowls Assn
Guide for Beginners English Bowls Coaching Scheme*
How to Play Bowls James Medlycott
How to Play Bowls - A Step-by-Step Guide Mike Shaw
Improve Your Bowls Skills - Delivery Technique and Shot Selection Alex Struthers
Lawn Bowls: The Beginner's Essential Handbook† John Archer and Rex Davies
Lawn Bowls: A Guide for Beginners John Archer and Rex Davies
Lawn Bowls - New Techniques for Beginners and Champions Bob Purcell
Play the Game - Bowls Barry Weekes
Short Mat Bowling short mat icon Ron Collingridge
Successful Lawn Bowls John Dobbie and Wal Davies
Take Up Bowls Derek Bell with Graham Preston
Tony Allcock's Bowls Skills Tony Allcock ed David Rhys Jones
Winning Bowls John Snell with Bill Pritchard
*Now known as the English Bowls Coaches Society.
†This is a revised and updated version of Lawn Bowls: A Guide for Beginners written by the same authors.