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Title   (Click title below) Author, etc Year
Bowls - How to Excel at the Game George T Burrows 1920
Modern Bowls George T Burrows 1920
Ancient Game of Bowls and its Modern Practice, The James Hartley 1922
Bowling - Being the Practice of the Ancient & Royal Game of Bowls James A Manson 1923
Story of the Scottish Bowling Association 1892-1922, The D W Brown 1923
Bowls - How to Play the Crown Green and Rink Games James Hartley 1924
Game of Bowls, The George T Burrows 1924
Wood for 'Woods' - An Exposition on Bowls, The Anon 1925
Dominion Bowler's Book E S Pegler 1926
Harmony Song Book for Bowlers Anon 1926
With the First British Bowling Team to Visit Australia & New Zealand Ivor B Thomas 1927
Bowling Guide and How to Play Bowls J Bower 1928
Bowls - A Manual for Self Tuition in the Principles and Practice of Bowling Lieut Commander J D J Kelley, RN 1928
Bowls, Skittles & Quoits 'Skipper' 1928
Bowls Book - Principles and Practice of the Game, The 'Scorer' 1929
Bowls and What a Bowler Should Know Anon 1929
History of the New Zealand Bowlers' Tour, 1928 John William Hardley 1929