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'Bowls humour' is a popular search term that brings many visitors to my site, but compiling a list of humorous bowls books was not entirely straghtforward. For while many titles are automatic choices for this category, some, such as John Snell's So You Want to Be a Skip . . . , merely contain elements of humour (as cartoons) in a secondary role to the main objective, while others, such as Gauvinier Takes to Bowls, are perhaps best described as lighthearted rather than humorous. In the end I decided to include both publications and other borderline titles in this category to reflect their humorous/lighthearted content.

Books marked with an asterisk are also listed in the Fiction category to reflect their 'invented story' characteristic.

Title   (Click title below) Author, Cartoonist, etc
Best of Bowlin' Grin, The Earle Wright
Bowl 'em Over Neville Odell
Bowling Club, The* Paul Hammond
Bowling with Lu Ted Lucock
Bowls is a Funny Game Jack Girling
Bowls - Light and Merry Evan Llewellyn
Bowls Mad Ted Lucock
Bunnies on the Bowling Green June Hall-Bentick
Crazy World of Bowls, The Bill Stott
Drawn Shots Richard Gregory
Gauvinier Takes to Bowls* Hugh de SÚlincourt
Going Indoors* Paul Hammond
Golden Rules of Bowls, The Ian Heath
Humour of Bowls, The John P Monro
If Your Aunty Had Bowls . . . Ron Tarrant et al
Incomplete Indoor Bowler, The Nick Fenwick
Jack's High* Phil Rowlands
Lawn Bowls Dictionary, The Keith Dunstan et al
Living With the 'Woods' Earle Wright et al
Murder on the Bowling Green* Richard Derbyshire
New Season, The* Paul Hammond
One Up One Down Strom
Rally Round the Jack* Leonard L Knott
Roll up for a Laugh Neville Odell
Sex & Bowls & Rock & Roll* Alex Marsh
Shot! Charles Playfair
So You Want to be a Skip or a Third or a Second or a Lead John Snell
Tad More Grass, A Neville Odell
That's Bowls! L G Lanchris
Top Shot Mate! Kenn Rogers
Trials of Wayward Bowlers, The June Hall-Bentick
Vern's Best Bits Vernon Algernon Lewis
What a Load o' Bowls or I'm All Right Jack!* Don East