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Author, etc  (Click name) Title
Maxwell, Dr Harvey C The American Lawn Bowler's Guide
May, John Our Game and Omar Khay-yam for Bowlers
Medlycott, James How to Play Bowls
Mewett, Al Footprints in the Sand - The Birth & Growth of Bowls Australia Inc
Miles, Peter It's Just a Draw ebook icon
Mills, Chris Bowls
Mills, Chris Bowls Rules OK
Mills, Chris The Skip's Guide to Bowls
Mills, Chris Winning Bowls - An Introduction to Crown Green Bowls crown green icon
Mitchell, William W Mitchell's Manual of Bowl-playing
Monro, John P Bowls Encyclopaedia
Monro, John P The Etiquette of Bowls
Monro, John P The Humour of Bowls
Monro, John P The Romance of Bowl Manufacture
Monro, John P and Malan, John A The Etiquette of Bowls and The Etiquette of Marking in Lawn Bowls
Morton, Bill Lawn Bowls plus Management Material ebook icon
Motion, Reg Indoor Bowls - New Zealand Style
Muir, Vic Lawn Bowls - Straight from the Shoulder
Murphy, Harry First Twenty-one Songs of the Bowling Green
Murphy, Jack and Prince, J H The Lady Bowler
Murray Book Distributors Murray's Guide to Bowls
National Standing Committee for Coaching, Bowls South Africa Modified Forms of Bowls for Fun ebook icon
Newby, Donald The Daily Telegraph Bowls Year Book 1988
Newby, Donald The Daily Telegraph Bowls Year Book 1989
Newby, Donald The Daily Telegraph Bowls Year Book 1990
Newby, Donald The Daily Telegraph Bowls Year Book 1991
Newby, Donald Success Story
Newton, Albert The Fundamentals of Lawn Bowls
New Zealand Bowling Assoc Be a Better Bowler
New Zealand Bowling Assoc Guide to Bowlers
Odell, Neville Bowl 'em Over
Odell, Neville Roll up for a Laugh
Odell, Neville A Tad More Grass
Orrell, Ray Indoor Bowls - Sport England Design Guidance