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I guess that you've arrived here hoping to see details of a recent book on indoor bowls. To the best of my knowledge, apart from the English Indoor Bowling Association Official Yearbook and the Laws of the Sport of Indoor Bowls, the only title available specifically written for this code in the last 15 years is the free ebook It's Just a Draw. I suspect that the close similarities of the indoor and outdoor flat green games, coupled with the availability of a wide range of books on the latter code, are such that publishers feel that the potential for a book on indoor bowls is limited. However, a modern, practical, well-illustrated book that contains more photos taken indoors than outdoors, is the excellent Bowls - Skills · Techniques · Tactics.
Title Indoor Bowls
Author Arthur Sweeney
Publisher Nicholas Kaye Limited, London
First published 1966
ISBN Pre-ISBN system
Edition reviewed 1st
Hardback/softback Hardback
List price 21s 0d (£1.05)
Cover size (cm)
(height x width)
22.0 x 13.6
Number of pages 136
Number of pages with Coloured photos Black & white photos Line drawings
  None 8 12
Synopsis This is the first book on indoor bowls and is written by the Honorary Secretary of the English Bowling Association, Indoor Section.

New indoor rinks, either privately or municipally owned, are being opened all over the country. Indoor bowling is exactly the same game as played on grass but, being unaffected by the weather, can enjoy a long and uninterrupted season.

Mr Sweeney, retired civil servant, engineer and designer, was capped for England at lawn bowls in 1950 and for indoor bowls in 1954. In 1965 he was appointed the first secretary of the National Indoor Bowls Council, a body formed to control the game in the British Isles. He traces the beginning and growth of indoor bowls, describes how an indoor centre may be built (or adapted in public baths, canteens or play-halls) and matches and league competitions organised. There are three succinct chapters on skills for beginners; strategy for the experienced; and his study of famous players and their methods is most enjoyable and authoritative.

Rules of the game and salient records round off a thoroughly well-planned, well-executed instructional book on a fast-growing sport for people of all ages.