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Title In the Groove - Advanced Bowling and Tactics
Compiling body Bowls Victoria Coaching Committee
Publisher Bowls Victoria, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia
First published 1995
Edition reviewed Not stated, but published 2010 as 'Revised Edition 2010, Reprinted 2010'
Hardback/softback Softback
List price $A2.50
Cover size (cm)
(height x width)
14.8 x 10.5
Number of pages 35
Number of pages with Coloured photos Black & white photos Line drawings
  None None 20
Synopsis In the Groove is widely recognised for the guidance it offers to the new bowler as well as its role as a reference source for the established player seeking to improve some particular facet of the game. The contents were developed by a panel of expert State bowlers following an invitation by the former Royal Victorian Bowls Association Coaching Panel to formulate text book standards. This synopsis relates to the latest revised edition published in 2010.

'Bowls Instruction', the first chapter of the book, examines the game's fundamentals and includes the following headings:

  • Placing the mat
  • Delivering the jack
  • Bowls - grip, stance, swing

Chapter 2, headed 'Individual Faults', looks at ten of the most common faults that can develop, including:

  • Lack of good footwork
  • The wobbling bowl
  • The flicker
  • The croucher

Entitled 'Advanced Bowling and Tactics', Chapter 3 accounts for the remaining half of the book and includes guidance on:

  • Different shots such as the wresting shot; trail; run through; running; drive; block; shot and block; position bowl
  • Use of the mat, including: placing the mat; delivering the jack; correction of length; windy conditions; building a head; drawing to save; deciding what shot to play
  • Hints for skippers - instructions to players
Well-drawn diagrams augment the text throughout.
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