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Title Gyrostatic Delivery Technique
Link Gyrostatic Delivery Technique
Author Macka Jensen
First published 2005
List price Gratis
Number of pages 7
Number of pages with Coloured photos Black & white photos Line drawings
  None None 4
Synopsis Macka explains Gyrostatic Technique as follows:'The application of these factors in the gyrostatic delivery technique is based on the principle that the body moving steadily about an axis will tend to resist changes in the direction of the axis. It maintains the bowler's equilibrium, e.g. as in an aeroplane or ship.' He goes on to describe in great detail and with illustrative diagrams how a smooth delivery technique may be achieved, emphasising the point that aiding the bowler in the acquisition of the skill is at the heart of coaching in bowls. His final chapter, entitled 'Delivering the Jack', stresses the importance of this skill and provides ideas for training practice.

Overall, a highly recommended free ebooklet full of sound, practical advice.

The ebook is in portable document file (PDF) format and requires installation of the free Adobe Reader program.