picture on front cover/dust jacket
Title Encyclopaedia of Bowls
Compilers Ken Hawkes and Gerard Lindley
Publisher Robert Hale & Company, London
First published 1974
ISBN 0-7091-3658-7
Edition reviewed 1st
Hardback/softback Hardback
List price Not known
Cover size (cm)
(height x width)
22.3 x 13.5
Number of pages 254
Number of pages with Coloured photos Black & white photos Line drawings
  None 12 None
Synopsis Bowls is one of the world's oldest sports, played by hundreds of thousands of men and women throughout the English-speaking world. Despite its great popularity there has up to now been no comprehensive, up-to-date book dealing with the game and listing championship records. This gap is highlighted by the fact that no records outside newspaper files exist of the first and second World Bowls Championships, held in 1966 and 1972.

The Encyclopaedia of Bowls fills this gap. It traces the development of the game throughout the world, and includes biographies of many leading players. Apart from the game played under the rules of the International Bowling Board, there are sections on crown green, played in the north and Midlands, and Federation bowls, played in the eastern counties.