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Title Bowling Club Survival...and Turnaround
Author John Quinn
Publisher bowls-central, Crieff, Scotland
First published 2011
Edition reviewed 1st
Hardback/softback N/A
List price 4.97
Cover size (cm)
(height x width)
29.7 x 21.0 (A4)
Number of pages 85
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  1 0 21
Availability Bowling Club Survival...and Turnaround is an ebook and further information and details of how to order may be obtained from bowls-central.co.uk. Details of membership, first month free, to John's Bowls Club Mastermind Network entitling members to 50% discount on this and other publications can be found here.
Synopsis John Quinn is one of only 55 Master Greenkeepers worldwide and has three decades of experience in greenkeeping and fine turf management. He offers a personal consulting service to bowling clubs that want to implement a Bowling Club Turnaround project or Performance Green programmme.

In this arguably unique ebook John takes you through a step by step blueprint to save your struggling bowls club and reveals the seven key steps that you can start taking immediately to begin making a serious attempt at changing its fortunes. He explains, for example, how to stem the flow of cash out of your club and how to prime a pump that will see more cash flowing into it effortlessly. John also reveals a simple but powerful formula that will ensure your club stands head and shoulders above all of your competition; and by dealing with waste in your club you'll discover a remarkable system for adding 20-30% of your current income straight onto your bottom line profit. And even after you've applied the first six steps and have a thriving, profitable club, the final step pretty much guarantees that even a very efficient club will improve bottom line performance by at least 10% every three months. The ebook is packed with tools you can use to achieve the remarkable changes outlined and purchasers can also look forward to ongoing email support.

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