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Title With the First British Bowling Team to Visit Australia and New Zealand, 1925-6
Compiler Ivor B Thomas
Publisher Priory Press Ltd, Cardiff, Wales
First published 1927
ISBN Pre-ISBN system
Edition reviewed 1st
Hardback/softback Hardback
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21.3 x 13.7
Number of pages 179
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Synopsis This is a fascinating and detailed account of the visit in 1925-6 of the first British Bowling Team to visit the Antipodes. The party consisted of 40 bowlers, 'each of the four countries comprising the International Bowling Board of Great Britain and Ireland being represented, and 17 accompanying ladies.'

The party sailed from Tilbury on 25 September, 1925 and reached Adelaide on 31 October. During the tour, which officially ended on 13 February, 1926, an amazing 71 matches were played, of which 36 were won, 32 lost and 3 tied. Nine test matches were played in Australia, of which only the last two were won. In New Zealand, only two test matches were played of which one was lost by the tourists and the other tied.

Apparently W G Grace had tried to organize a tour in 1903 but it fell through.