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A section on videos has been part of this site for several years and was introduced for two reasons: following requests from a number of visitors; and the realisation that it seemed sensible to compile a list whilst information was reasonably accessible. With DVDs having all but superseded videos, this may not be the case in a few years' time.


You'll see that I've come across details of 18 videos - all on flat green bowls except crown green's Hitchen to Learn. If you know of any more, or can fill in any of the missing details, please .

Buying videos

Some titles remain widely available and if you try Amazon 'Marketplace' you'll probably find about half a dozen listed, often with a wide range of prices for a specific video. eBay is always worth a visit, with its 'Buy it Now' facility sometimes offering real bargains. Of course, sources such as car boot sales, fetes, charity shops and auctions may also prove productive. Before you buy or bid, make sure that the video is compatible with your VCR's cassette format and colour system. Click here for further information.

Please note that both the Amazon and eBay links provided above refer to the UK sites.

Title   (Click title below) Featuring
Best of Jack High 93, The Ten international and leading Australian bowlers
Bowl Better with Exercise Mark Kesby with Karen Murphy, Ian Taylor and Kristen Green
Bowling Green Maintenance bowling green icon Roger Evans
Bowling the Jack Tony Allcock with Brian Duncan
Bowls and Basics Tony Allcock with Wynne Richards
Bowls with Bryant David Bryant with David Rhys Jones
Bowls Masterclass David Bryant, Peter Line, John Watson, David McGill
Bowls Master Class with Richard Corsie Richard Corsie
Crackerjack Mick Molloy, Bill Hunter, John Clarke, Samuel Johnson et al
Hitchen to Learn crown green icon Robert Hitchen with John Spinks
Improve Your Bowls Peter Belliss with Millie Khan
In the Groove Geoff Oakley, Mavis Meadowcroft and Bob King
Liverpool Victoria Insurance Superbowl Tony Allcock, Jim Baker, David Corkill, Brian Duncan
Putting it All Together Tony Allcock with Andrew Wills
Sensational Adelaide World Bowls 1996 Participants at this event
Story of Bowls David Bryant (presenter) and David Rhys Jones (narrator)
Team Spirit, The Tony Allcock with Margaret Johnson
Top Draw Bowls Geoff Oakley, John Snell, Merle Richardson and Glyn Bosisto