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Title   (Click title below) Author, Compiler, Editor, etc
Rally Round the Jack Leonard L Knott
Record of the Australian Bowling Team to the British Isles 1930 J S Whalley
Register of Play Anon
‘Resting Toucher’: Time and Motion Analysis of Elite Lawn Bowls ebook icon Aaron J Silk, John Hammond et al
Rhymes from the Greensward E D Thorpe
Rob Judson: Lawn Bowls Coaching ebook icon Rob Judson
Roll up for a Laugh Neville Odell
Rolled Gold Kelvin Kerkow/David Tenenbaum
Rolling Words - Crown Green Bowling crown green icon Frank Buzzard
Romance of Bowl Manufacture, The John P Monro
Russ Waugh's Way to Better Bowls Russ Waugh
Sally and Jake Play Bowls John Kershaw
Scottish Bowling Association - Jubilee 1892-1942 Rev H O Wallace
Sex & Bowls & Rock & Roll Alex Marsh
Short Mat Bowling short mat icon Ron Collingridge
Short Mat Bowling - An Illustrated Guide to This Challenging Sport short mat icon Roy Wiggins
Shot! Charles Playfair
Skilful Bowls Gwyn John
Skip's Guide to Bowls, The Chris Mills
So You Want to Play Bowls Anon
So You Want to be a Skip or a Third or a Second or a Lead John Snell
Sporting Life Bowls Book Anon
Story of Bowls, The Alfred H Haynes
Story of Bowls - From Drake to Bryant, The Phil Pilley
Story of the Scottish Bowling Association 1892-1922, The D W Brown
Study of the Game of Bowls, A Norman Hellard
Success Story Donald Newby with David Rhys Jones
Successful Lawn Bowls John Dobbie and Wal Davies
Superbowl Bryan Brett