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Title   (Click title below) Author, Compiler, Editor, etc
Harmony Song Book for Bowlers Anon
Hints on Bowling L Waxman
History of the Game of Bowls, A E J Linney
History of Indoor Bowls in New Zealand 1913-1938, The Frank A Harris
History of the New Zealand Bowlers' Tour, 1928 . . . John Willam Hardley
Home Study Manual English Bowls Umpires Association
How to Become a Champion at Bowls Richard Thomas Harrison
'How' of Lawn Bowling and Terms Thereof, The Anon
How to Play Bowls George T Burrows
How to Play Bowls James Medlycott
How to Play Bowls H J Palmer
How to Play Bowls on Every Kind of Green Herbert H Palmer
How to Play Bowls Scientifically James Hartley
How to Play Bowls Scientifically Harold P Webber and James Hartley
How to Play Bowls - A Step-by-Step Guide Mike Shaw
How to Play Lawn Bowls - The Centre Line Method George H Claridge
Humour of Bowls, The John P Monro
If Your Aunty Had Bowls . . . Ron Tarrant (cartoonist L Pickering)
iKeys Ricky Dunne
Improve Your Bowls Tony Allcock
Improve Your Bowls Skills - Delivery Technique & Shot Selection Alex Struthers
Incomplete Indoor Bowler, The Nick Fenwick
Indoor Bowls M F Collins
Indoor Bowls Arthur Sweeney
Indoor Bowls - New Zealand Style Reg Motion
In the Groove - Advanced Bowling and Tactics Bowls Victoria Coaching Committee
In Search of the Resting Toucher Graham Kinney
Instant Lawn Bowls Tom Hoey
Introduction to Bowls, An SA Bowls Coaches Council
In the Zone: Developing Mental Toughness in Lawn Bowls kindle icon Lee James Schraner
It's Just a Draw ebook icon Peter Miles