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Title   (Click title below) Author, Compiler, Editor, etc
A to Zen of Lawn Bowls, The Barry Salter and John Bliss
All About Bowls: The History, Construction & Maintenance of . .  bowling green icon Jeff Perris
All About Bowls - A Manual for Novice and Expert Players George T Burrows
American Lawn Bowler's Guide, The Dr Harvey C Maxwell
Ancient Game of Bowls and its Modern Practice, The James Hartley
Angles of the Green ebook icon Royal New South Wales BA Ltd
Annual Maintenance of the Bowling Green bowling green icon IOG and EBA
Art of Bowls, The Felix Hotchkiss
Art of Delivery - The Bowlers' Handbook No. 1, The Prof Maxwell Walker
BBC Book of Bowls, The Keith Phillips
Be a Better Bowler New Zealand Bowling Association
Beginner's Guide to Bowls Cyril Johnson
Beginner's Guide to Bowls, The Geoffrey Godden
Belliss on Bowls Peter Belliss
Bending for Bowlers Pauline Brooks
Best of Bowlin' Grin, The Earle Wright
Better Bowls - A Manual for All Who Would Improve Their Game E C Wearne
Bias to Bowls, A Willie Wood with Gordon Dunwoodie
Bob Appo - The Most Colourful Bowler in Australia Bob Appo
Bolf - Levelling the Playing Field ebook icon Bill Croft
Bowl with Bryant David Bryant
Bowled Over - The Bowling Greens of Britain bowling green icon Hugh Hornby
Bowl 'em Over Neville Odell
Bowl to Win David Bryant and Tony Allcock
Bowler from the Bush, The Joe Douglas
Bowlers' Album and Book of Chronicles, The J G Wilson
Bowler's Companion, The 'A Toucher'
Bowler's Competition Manual, The 'Sandy'
Bowler's Complete Guide to the Crown Green and Rink Games James Hartley
Bowler's Giftbook, The Ern Burrows
Bowlers Handbook, The Anon
Bowler's Handbook, The James A Manson
Bowlers on Tour H E O Campbell