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Title Thinking Outside the Mat
Author Ricky Dunne
Publisher Ricky Dunne, Waikanae, New Zealand
First published 2007
Edition reviewed 1st
Hardback/softback Softback
List price NZ$43.50
Cover size (cm)
(height x width)
30.9 x 23.5
Number of pages 44
Number of pages with Coloured photos Black & white photos Line drawings
  One 0ne 12
Synopsis Ricky Dunne has been coaching in New Zealand for 17 years during which time he has attained the following standards of proficiency: NZBA Club and Senior Levels (1 and 2), Bowls NZ Levels (1, 2 and 3) and Coaching NZ (Levels 1, 2 and 3).

In his Introduction to Thinking Outside the Mat Ricky states that it is not intended that players should read its contents from cover to cover, but should choose on the basis of topics that they consider valuable in assisting their pursuit of achievable goals and performance enhancement. This choice of 'thinking outside the mat' is the common theme of this publication and in the Introduction the reader is invited to 'think outside the mat' by choosing a window from the 'Choices Index'. 'Window' is the name Ricky gives to each topic and here's a selection from the list of 35:

  • Pre-shot routine, segmental sequencing and pace
  • Negative thoughts turned into positive motivation
  • The awareness factor (psyche)
  • Hand-eye co-ordination and the leading foot
  • First bowl effectiveness
  • Tactics
  • Formula for reading a head
  • Entering the mat
  • The ideal performance state
  • Measuring bowls skills in practice - the draw and faster shots
  • Conversion shots
  • Leadership

Ricky's overall vision, as expressed in the book's Preface, is that the concept of 'thinking outside the mat' may give all bowlers the equal opportunity to be part of their country's National Vision to 'lead the world in lawn bowls'.

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