picture on cassette box
Title The Team Spirit
Featuring Tony Allcock with Margaret Johnson
Produced by Castle Home Video
First produced 1995
Approximate running time 60 minutes
Recommended retail price £5.99
Colour encoding system PAL
Video cassette format VHS
Code CHV 2135
Synopsis For team play at any level of every sport, special qualities are needed. Bowls is no exception. Tony Allcock is acclaimed as the finest skip in the world. He has the ability to bring the best out of his teammates, without detracting from his own game. His tactical awareness is second to none, and in this film Tony demonstrates his supreme talent for team play.

He is joined by Margaret Johnson, twice World Ladies Singles Champion, and they discuss the more subtle approach to the ladies' game. Margaret then skips the ladies' rink in a 'friendly' encounter against Tony's team of gentlemen, with a result that can only be described as unpredictable!

The friendly rivalry of the sport of bowls is evident as the two skips evolve strategies within the family atmosphere. Tony discusses the etiquette of the game and the importance of the correct behaviour on the green. No bowler can fail to improve their knowledge of team play having seen this excellent production.

This title was also made available as a 2 in 1 programme with Putting it All Together through David Finch Distribution Ltd (recommended retail price £12.99).