picture on cassette box
Title The Best of Jack High 93
Featuring Ten international and leading Australian bowlers
Produced by Nine Wide World of Sports - Australia
First produced 1993
Approximate running time 55 minutes
Recommended retail price Not known
Colour encoding system PAL
Video cassette format VHS
Code None
Synopsis The concept of matching Australia's best bowlers against champions from around the globe is an enduring one and since its inception in 1980 the Mazda International bowls tournament has won international acclaim as one of the world's most prestigious events. Produced from the Mazda International, the 20 episode Jack High television series has become the most popular bowls programme in the country, winning a legion of fans from both bowlers and non-bowlers alike. The reason for its appeal is obvious. Jack High presents bowls like it has never been presented before - with all the colour, action and drama synonymous with sport at the elite level.

The Best of Jack High presents the highlights of the exciting Jack High television series. It does so in a no-nonsense action-packed fashion, focusing on the highs and lows of the preliminary rounds before turning to the drama and tension of the semi-finals and final.

From delicate draw shots to the most powerful drives, The Best of Jack High captures the awesome skills of some of the biggest names in the sport. In the world of bowls it doesn't get any better than The Best of Jack High.