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There are few straight novels based on bowls. Indeed, in the list below there are roughly as many titles where humour is a key ingredient - the latter being identified by an asterisk to denote their inclusion in the Humour category.

Title   (Click title below) Author
Bowler from the Bush, The Joe Douglas
Bowling Club, The* Paul Hammond
Bowls Club Mysteries, The Tom Templeman
Eye for I - A Bowls Fantasy, An L A Woodhouse
Eye over Nincompool - A Little Bit of Bowldust, An L A Woodhouse
Gauvinier Takes to Bowls Hugh de SÚlincourt
Going Indoors* Paul Hammond
Jack High - The Intimate Story of a Bowls Club Deryck Coleman
Jack's High* Phil Rowlands
Murder on the Bowling Green* Richard Derbyshire
New Season, The* Paul Hammond
Not Enough Green Les Raybould
Rally Round the Jack* Leonard L Knott
Sally and Jake Play Bowls John Kershaw
Sex & Bowls & Rock & Roll* Alex Marsh
So You Want to be a Skip* John Snell
What a Load o' Bowls or I'm All Right Jack!* Don East