picture on DVD box
Title Stand & Deliver - A Study of Bowls Delivery
Featuring John Bell, Mary Price, Steve Farish, John Bell Jr, Linda Rose & Stella Merrick
Credits Jim Hart: Author, director, editor, compiler, art work, narration
Brian Warren: Concept, coaching consultant
Norman Wharton: Filming, graphics
Produced by HEH Sports Coaching Company Ltd
First produced 2008
Approximate running time 34 minutes
List price £9.99 (includes post and packing for UK purchasers)
Region 2*
Special features None
Availability HEH Sports Coaching Company Ltd has ceased trading, but second-hand copies may become available through the usual sources.
Synopsis This is a DVD with a difference. Utilising the same technology used by the world's top golfers to analyse their swings, much of the DVD concentrates on analysing bowls deliveries from a biomechanical viewpoint. The initiative of two leading professional advanced bowls coaches, Jim Hart and Brian Warren, the DVD originally provided a showcase for their newly established company, HEH Sports Coaching Company Ltd, that was set up to work exclusively in the field of sports coaching, but has now ceased trading. Among the company's philosophies was the practice of 'non-prescriptive' coaching as opposed to 'prescriptive' coaching and this is evident in the DVD through the absence of any coach/pupil scenarios.

The DVD comprises six sections:

  • Introduction
    Shows the delivery style of several leading and club bowlers
  • Best Practice
    Uses sophisticated technology to analyse the biomechanics of a number of deliveries from top bowlers
  • Champions Styles
    Compares the delivery styles of top bowlers
  • Bowls for Beginners
    Basic introduction using stills and moving graphics
  • Review
    Includes self-test questions and acknowledgements
  • Electronic Coaching
    Explains how the company can provide a DVD analysis of your delivery, with voice over, from your own footage

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