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Title ‘Resting Toucher’: A Time and Motion Analysis of Elite Lawn Bowls
Link ‘Resting Toucher’: A Time and Motion Analysis of Elite Lawn Bowls
Authors Aaron J Silk, John Hammond and Robert P Weatherby
First published online 2006
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Number of pages 8
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Synopsis Whilst numerous investigations have explored the physical demands placed upon competitive sportspeople from a wide array of sports, little is known about the physical demands placed on lawn bowlers. The purpose of this Australian scientific study was to ascertain, for the first time, the movement activities of representative singles and pairs players and to determine the frequency and duration of these activities. In one match each of two male and two female players (one singles and one pairs player per gender) were videotaped during an international tournament. During playback of the videotaped matches, a single observer coded the players' activities into five distinct categories (waiting, walking forward, walking backward, jogging and bowling) using a computerised video editing system.

The methodology, results, discussion and conclusions are presented.

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