picture on cassette box
Title Putting it All Together
Featuring Tony Allcock with Andrew Wills
Produced by Pedigree Films
First produced 1995
Approximate running time 60 minutes
Recommended retail price Not known
Colour encoding system PAL
Video cassette format VHS
Code DBV 1022
Synopsis Tony Allcock, with many domestic and international bowls titles to his credit, is still very much involved with the grass roots of the sport at club level. In this superb production, Tony is joined by his clubmate Andrew Wills, and they investigate the elements of the sport which can raise the quality of everyone's game, irrespective of standard.

Tony explains the importance of estimating line and length correctly, and judging the pace of the green. Other vital factors such as backswing and speed of follow-through are examined in great depth.

The pair then play two ends, first to the short jack, then to the long jack, discussing the varying backswing, length of step, and the use of body weight and movement.

This title was also made available as a 2 in 1 programme with The Team Spirit through David Finch Distribution Ltd (recommended retail price £12.99).