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Title Coaching Lawn Bowls - The New Zealand Way
Featuring Lyn Johnston, ex-National Coaching Coordinator for Bowls New Zealand, the late Stewart Buttar, National Coach, Dr Clara Soper, biomechanist, Jo Edwards, Gold Medallist at the Commonwealth Games and World Championships, and Shannon McIlroy, young international player and rising star of New Zealand bowls.
Produced by Orly Productions, Christchurch, New Zealand
First produced 2005
Approximate running time 30 minutes
Recommended retail price NZ$15.00 for local (i.e. within New Zealand) purchasers and NZ$30.00 for overseas purchasers (both prices include postage and packing)
Region 0 (compatible with DVD players from any region)
Special features None
Availability Please send a cheque payable to Bowls New Zealand: P.O Box 62-502, Kalmia Street, Auckland 1544 or order by e-mail to pauline@bowlsnz.co.nz
Synopsis This professionally produced DVD forms part of a kit for club coaches in New Zealand to use when introducing the game to new players. It focuses on the delivery action of the draw and weighted shots with specific reference to the biomechanics* of the action. The full list of sections is as follows:
  • Introduction
  • Basic Technique
  • Common Faults
  • The Draw Shot
  • The Controlled Forcing Shot
  • The Firm Forcing Shot
  • The Drive Shot
  • Training Drills and Games
  • End and Credits
This is a very helpful resource for coaches and players alike with demonstrations of sound technique, common faults and examples of training drills and games. Of the coaching DVDs that I'm currently aware of, it ranks very highly and can be viewed via YouTube here.

* Biomechanics is a branch of sports science that studies human movement - especially the forces exerted by muscles and gravity on the skeletal system.