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Title Lawn Bowls Coaching for Players and Coaches
Link Lawn Bowls Coaching for Players and Coaches
Author Robert Huddle
First published 2004
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Synopsis Robert Huddle MEd, BEd is well qualified and experienced to provide top advice and assistance for bowlers and coaches. Due to the lack of a program that measures progress and performance in bowls, Robert was motivated to develop the means for this to occur online and become a distance coach for keen bowlers and coaches throughout the world. He has been playing bowls for over 15 years at Division 1 Standard and District representation and is currently a club coach for Brighton Bowls Club, a Melbourne, Australia, Division 1 club.

eCoachBowls (the site's domain name) provides players of any ability with the resources to improve and measure their progress. This is achieved by distance coaching using the specially designed 10-level skill development program organised into beginner, experienced, advanced and master modules. Each module includes practice sheets, game play challenges and evaluation tests. Results are evaluated and returned to the player with performance analysis and charts of main performance indicators.

Apart from the online resource, there's a wealth of useful and free coaching material on this site.