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Title Lawn Bowls: The Beginner's Essential Handbook
Authors John Archer and Rex Davies
Publisher New Holland Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia
First published 2005 (The book reviewed was published in 2013)
ISBN 9781742574509
Edition reviewed 2nd (Originally published as Lawn Bowls:A Guide for Beginners)
Hardback/softback Softback
List price $A24.95
Cover size (cm)
(height x width)
22.9 x 17.0
Number of pages 144
Number of pages with Coloured photos Black & white photos Line drawings
  39 1 3
Synopsis Although it has a different title, Lawn Bowls: The Beginner's Essential Handbook is the second edition of Lawn Bowls: A Guide for Beginners, originally published in 2005 and written by the same authors.

In their introduction the authors state that the idea of this primer came from the need for a very basic guide to lawn bowls for those starting to play (or thinking about playing) the sport for the first time. It assumes that the reader knows nothing, or very little, about the game or the activities associated with membership of a bowls club. The latest edition is profusely illustrated with some new photographs and updated information, though surprisingly the 'Further reading' section lists the same nine books as in the original book. Readers can learn how to find a club that suits them, the equipment they will need, getting started with the basics of the sport and the etiquette involved in playing with other bowlers.

The contents list reads as follows:

  • Lawn Bowls: a Brief History
  • A Game for Everyone
  • Playing with a Bowling Club
  • Onto the Green
  • Ready to Bowl
  • Ready to Compete

The content of Lawn Bowls: The Beginner's Essential Handbook is well written and structured and although tailored to the Australian bowls scene, beginners from all countries will find much useful information within its pages.