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Title The Lawn Bowls DVD Coach
Featuring Ron Weir (Level 2 Coach at the Bundoora Bowls Club, Victoria, Australia) and Lee Schraner (Victorian Under 30s Singles Champion)
Produced by Skipjack Productions, Reservoir, Victoria, Australia
First produced 2008
Approximate running time 60 minutes
Recommended retail price $A19.95 + p & p
Region 0 (region free)
Special features Web link to further resources
Availability The DVD may be ordered from Skipjack Productions
Synopsis To the best of my knowledge this is the first DVD that focuses exclusively on coaching and the short extract on this page will give you an idea of the DVD's style. It was produced to assist new and experienced bowlers - much of the content being based on the principles set out in the booklet In the Groove, widely recognised in Australia for the guidance it offers to the new bowler as well as providing a reference source for the established player seeking to improve some particular facet of the game. This helps to explain the DVD's mix of basic bowls tuition with master class coaching as listed in the detailed menu:
  • Introduction
  • Introduction; Object of the game; Rink boundaries; The mat and jack; Rink lengths; The bowl; Gripping the bowll; Establishing the line of delivery; Stance on the mat; Delivering the bowl; Conclusion

  • Master Class
  • Gripping the bowl; Delivering the bowl; Building the head; Common faults (1 & 2); Margin of error; Adjusting weight; Weighted shots

  • Etiquette

  • Pace of the Green

  • Glossary

  • Extra Resources