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Title Lawn Bowls - The Australian Way
Editor Jack Pollard
Publisher Lansdowne Press Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia
First published 1962
ISBN Pre-ISBN system
Edition reviewed 1st
Hardback/softback Hardback
List price 1 12s 6d
Cover size (cm)
(height x width)
23.9 x 17.9
Number of pages 127
Number of pages with Coloured photos Black & white photos Line drawings
  None 91 6
Synopsis This book presents the finest lineup of experts ever brought together in a lawn bowls book on how the game is played. It is a remarkably well-balanced, easy-to-follow instructional book, but it also aims to give a comprehensive picture of lawn bowls as it is today.

Side by side with advice by the best available authorities on how to play singles, pairs, triples, fours, mixed bowls and how to make every conceivable type of shot, are accounts of the international bowling set-up, the problems of women discovering the game in large numbers, and the origin and interpretation of the rule book.

The men and women who have written what appears here, together with over 100 superb photographs and some excellent drawings, are all champions and successful teachers of the game, or outstanding administrators. They come from every Australian state and have combined to present the beguiling problems of their game, the pitfalls, and the techniques that avoid them. Each has worked hard on his or her chapter and has rewritten and reorganised until what they set down was accurate, sensible and designed to bring the best possible enjoyment to all bowlers who read it.

How to select the best bowl for your own physical requirement. How to judge the pace of the green. What to do in a wind. How to take the wobble out of your delivery. The best ways of mastering the draw shot. When to use the block or trail shots. How to play the various positions in pairs, triples and fours.

All of these problems and hundreds more are answered in this unique publishing event, a lawn bowls book by, not one, but 18 famous figures in the game. We believe this book will answer a long felt need in lawn bowls - a book from which beginners and experts alike can derive immense benefit. The 18 contributors are: Gordon Sargeant; Charles McNeill; Dr Leigh Fitzpatrick; Aub Sargeant; Dr Jack Petchell; Dave Downie; Mrs P N Sutcliffe; Glyn Bosisto; Bill Kay; John Dobbie; Dr Neil Benjamin; Rolie Stephens; Ern Florence; Ron Marshall; Ellis Crew; Frank and 'Tup' Honeybone; Dr A P Davis; and Jim Frazer.

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