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Title Lawn Bowls plus Management Material - Information for All
Link Lawn Bowls plus Management Material - Information for All
Author Bill Morton
First published 2008
List price Gratis
Number of pages Over 500
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Synopsis This unique magnum opus of a bowls ebook contains information on numerous aspects of the sport that, to my knowledge are not covered, or at best meagrely detailed, elsewhere. Bill Morton, the author, has been a bowler for over 30 years and when appointed as Chairman of Selectors at the Kew Bowling Club, Victoria, Australia, soon realised that objective methods of evaluating player performance were virtually non-existent.

Accordingly, ten or so years ago he started collecting information on the accuracy of individual bowls shots, initially from fours games and later from singles games. His methodology is described and the vast amount of data collected has now been analysed and presented in the form of this ebook. Many notes on different evaluation techniques of player performance are discussed and sections on 'Evaluation of Skippers' and 'Five Other Evaluation Techniques' also feature. As an illustration of what the statistics have elicited, answers to such questions as, 'On average, how many bowls of a Division One lead will finish within (a) two feet and (b) three feet of the jack?', and 'Does a higher quality last bowl by bowler A in a singles game as compared with the opposition B's last bowl mean that A has a very high probability of winning the end?' can now be given with far more assurance than has hitherto been the case.

The pages on selection include discussions on the difficulties facing selectors, why they usually do a poor job, how to improve what they do, and how to choose better selectors. 'Bowls Tactics' covers many aspects of this critical part of the game and eighteen different heads from real-life situations are reproduced to challenge visitors. 'Improving Bowls Performance' and 'Better Communications' also provide useful information as do discussions on 'Big Bowls' and 'Luck'.

Although navigating this ebook is not always straightforward, perseverance will be rewarded in the discovery of a treasure-trove of information, the work for which is still in progress.