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Title It's Just a Draw
Link It's Just a Draw
Author Peter Miles
Publication date 2008
List price Gratis
Number of pages 37
Number of pages with Coloured photos Black & white photos Line drawings
  6 None 7
Synopsis This is one of a mere handful of publications on the site that focuses on indoor bowls and the first to deal exclusively with the draw shot.

The author, Peter Miles, studied Physical Education at Loughborough, England, taught sport in schools, became men's singles champion of indoor bowls clubs in Surrey and East Sussex and is a member of the Professional Bowls Association and English Bowls Players Association.

The book is for aspiring indoor bowlers, for those who want to know how to improve their performance and for those who know that they are only as good as their ability to play the draw shot accurately and consistently. It shows how knowledge from sports science was applied to the fixed delivery action, but if this is not your preferred action the book may be studied to see its relevance to your own delivery style.

It's Just a Draw is in portable document file (PDF) format which requires installation of the free Adobe Reader program.