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Title In the Zone: Developing Mental Toughness in Lawn Bowls
Author Lee James Schraner
Publisher Lee James Schraner, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
First published 2014
ASIN* B00MC5ZQ1O  (*Amazon Standard Identification Number)
Edition reviewed 1st
List price 2.85
Number of pages 115
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Availability In the Zone: Developing Mental Toughness in Lawn Bowls is available as a Kindle edition ebook by downloading from this Amazon page. If you don't own a Kindle, a free Kindle App is available for every major smartphone, tablet and computer here.
Synopsis Lee Schraner spent much of the last decade striving to represent Australia in lawn bowls and achieved his aim in February 2010. Following squad omission in 2011, he retired from National duties to pursue his work career. After playing 206 test matches for Victoria from 2004-2013, he currently represents Tasmania and is also the coach of that state's Glenorchy-Rodman Bowls Club.

In the Zone: Developing Mental Toughness in Lawn Bowls is designed to assist everybody from the ordinary club social bowler to the sport's most elite and specifically targets the areas that every bowler can improve.

Following a brief Introduction, the contents are arranged into seven sections as follows:

  • Section 1 The Critical Theories of Mental Toughness
  • Section 2 Setting Goals & Creating a Game Plan
  • Section 3 Routine & Repetition
  • Section 4 Positive Attitude, Language & Internal Dialogue
  • Section 5 Anxiety & Stress Control
  • Section 6 Self-Control & Review
  • Section 7 Individual Attributes

Clearly written and well structured in easily read sections, this ebook will be of value to all those who wish to develop mental toughness - a skill that can improve your performance, not only in bowls, but in life itself.

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