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Title 4 Steps to Success in Lawn Bowls:
Step 1 - Strategic Competence
Author Stephen Forrest
Publisher Strobe Sports, Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada
First published 2012
ISBN 978-0-9734743-2-9
Edition reviewed 1st
Hardback/softback Softback; wire bound
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21.6 x 14.1
Number of pages 63
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Synopsis Stephen Forrest, the author, was the 1989 Canadian Singles Champion, a member of the 1992 Canadian Fours championship winning team and since 1993 has presented competitive bowls training seminars. From 2011 he has been the presenter of the 4 Steps to Success in Lawn Bowls Seminars for the Bowls British Columbia Player Development Programme - a 2-day interactive course on competitive lawn bowls. The curriculum for the 4 Steps programmme is based on a series of four books, the first of which is reviewed here. Uniquely, the series is being made available in both English and English/Chinese versions to cater for the large population of Chinese in Canada, especially in British Columbia where 10% of bowlers are Chinese. E-book versions are also being prepared.

Step 1 - Strategic Competence introduces strategy and tactics which Stephen contends are based on three factors:

  • Knowing what you are trying to achieve
  • Understanding the rules by which you are constrained
  • Analyzing the technical strengths of yourself or team in comparison with your opponent(s)

In practical terms, superior strategy derives from a number of approaches that Stephen calls 'Winning Ways', including setting positive goals for every bowl, end and game; playing the way you practise and to your strengths; and practising mental precision. Similarly, Winning Ways with tactics involve building a head on each end using basic technical skills to establish an early dominant position on the jack and then maintaining that advantage through strong positional play to negate your opponent's countermeasures.

Stephen has adopted a very practical approach in compiling this impressive series. Among its pages my fellow coaches will surely find inspiration and new ideas to bring to their training programmes and all bowlers wishing to progress will undoubtedly benefit from reading it.

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