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Title First Twenty-one Songs of the Bowling Green
Author Harry Murphy
Publisher John McLellan, Milngavie, Glasgow, Scotland
First published 1934
ISBN Pre-ISBN system
Edition reviewed 1st
Hardback/softback Softback
List price 1s 0d (5p)
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22.5 x 14.9
Number of pages 31
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Synopsis One or two bowling songs appear in a number of early bowls books and this form of entertainment, although appearing old-fashioned now, was once presumably sufficiently popular to persuade Harry Murphy to write this book. There are, in fact, 22 songs - not 21 as the title indicates; for some reason the final song, entitled 'Epilogue', was not included in the count. The songs are arranged under four headings: 'The Game'; 'Characters'; 'Humours and Moods'; and 'Occasions'. Here's the first verse of a song from the first section called 'Bowling' to be sung to the air 'In Cellar Cool':

Of all the games that men can play
Than Bowling there's none finer,
For there all ranks as equals meet,
From minister to miner;
The magistrate and poacher both
Can set the spheres a-rolling,
And oft the Master's neath the Man
When they're bowling, bowling, bowling.