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Title End to End - A Year in Bowls
Author Tony Allcock
Publisher The Kingswood Press, London
First published 1989
ISBN 0-434-98160-5
Edition reviewed 1st
Hardback/softback Hardback
List price £11.99
Cover size (cm)
(height x width)
22.2 x 13.8
Number of pages 200
Number of pages with Coloured photos Black & white photos Line drawings
  None 4 None
Synopsis When Tony Allcock retired in 1987 from his job as principal of a centre for mentally handicapped adults, it was to become one of Britain's elite band of professional bowls players. End to End is the record of his first full-time year - at a time when the image of bowls was changing rapidly.

Bowls is booming as a sport, with the majority of its players now under 40. Much of this popularity is due to the game's success on television, and Allcock, frequently interviewed on the BBC, also provides expert commentary on tournaments televised by ITV.

Life at the top of any profession or sport is always intriguing to outsiders, and End to End gives an insider's view of sporting life - on the road, in the public eye, and in the company of other famous sportsmen and show-business personalities. Allcock writes about all aspects of bowls, from hints on playing to the excitement of the big international tournaments. He describes the demanding life on the bowls circuit, the constant travelling both at home and abroad, and the other players he has played with or against.

End to End gives to all players, whether casual or competitive, an insight into playing at top level, and all the aspects surrounding it. It contains tips and ideas which the reader may - or may not - regard as a help towards his or her individual game, style of play or attitude towards bowls in general.

What makes this book remarkable, however, is Tony Allcock's candour in allowing the reader a view into his private life; his hopes and fears, his joys and disappointments, which go with a dramatic change of career and life as a top sportsman.

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