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Title EBA Professional Programme for the Care of Bowling Greens
Link EBA Professional Programme for the Care of Bowling Greens* (This link is now defunct, but the Scheme is still accessible through Bowls Engand.)
Compiling body English Bowling Association Greens Maintenance Scheme
First published 2002
List price Gratis
Number of pages 15
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Synopsis 'Does your green suffer from moss, pearlwort, compaction, dry spots, thatch; is it running slow; are you simply wanting advice on a new green; or do you have other questions on green work that need answering?'

These are the opening words of this set of advice notes which goes on to outline the role of the EBA's Greens Maintenance Advisory Scheme in the provision of practical advice and assistance to clubs.

The contents are divided into five sections:

  • Seasonal Guide to Maintenance
  • Essential Materials
  • Common Turf Problems
  • Autumn Renovation
  • References

*The ebook is in portable document file (PDF) format and requires installation of the free Adobe Reader program.