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With DVDs having virtually eliminated videos as the preferred audio-visual format for home viewing, coupled with the availability of a small number of bowls DVDs, the introduction of a DVD section for this site was self-apparent.


You'll see from the list below that I've come across details of only 11 DVDs, including one title (Story of Bowls) that also appears under Videos. If you know of any more please .

Buying DVDs

Amazon 'Marketplace' is always worth a visit to check prices of both new and second-hand DVDs, and eBay should never be excluded, either to check a 'Buy it Now' price or perhaps make a successful auction bid on one of the less common titles. Play.com is also well worth searching. Just type in the title of the DVD you're interested in and you should be offered Play.com's price as well as those from its PlayTrade suppliers who may well be more competitive. Before you buy or bid make sure that the DVD will be compatible with your player; you'll find further information here.

Please note that both the Amazon and eBay links provided above refer to the UK sites.

Title   (Click title below) Featuring
Blackball Actors including Paul Kaye, Bernard Cribbins and Johnny Vegas
Coaching Lawn Bowls - The New Zealand Way Lyn Johnston, ex-National Coaching Coordinator, the late Stewart Buttar, National Coach, Dr Clara Soper, biomechanist, and international players Jo Edwards and Shannon McIlroy.
Good Bowling Tony Allcock, David Bryant, Andy Thompson, Ellen Falkner et al
Lawn Bowling - The Sport for Life (Volume One) Tim Mason, Dave Brown, Juanita Tucker and Bruce Matheson, with clips of top Canadian and other bowlers in competitive action
Lawn Bowling - The Sport for Life (Volume Two) Tim Mason, Derek Kaufman, Bruce Matheson, Christie Grahame, Steve Santana and Geoffrey Pershick, with clips of other bowlers in local competition
The Lawn Bowls DVD Coach Ron Weir (Level 2 Coach) and Lee Schraner (Victorian Under 30s Singles Champion)
Short Mat Bowls short mat icon N/A
Stand & Deliver - A Study of Bowls Delivery John Bell, Mary Price, Steve Farish, John Bell Jr, Linda Rose and Stella Merrick
Story of Bowls David Bryant (presenter) and David Rhys Jones (narrator)
Umpire Training DVD (English Bowls Umpires Association) Natalie Melmore, Commonwealth Games Singles Gold Medallist, (presenter and narrator), Allan Thornhill, Development Officer, EBUA, (presenter and demonstrator), et al
World Bowls: Umpiring & Marking Skills World Bowls Chief Executive Gary Smith (introduction), qualified umpires from the UK and bowlers from Scotland