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Title   (Click title below) Author, etc Year
Bowls - A Game for Two Seasons Gordon Allan 2000
Play Bowls Simon Botha et al 2000
Rob Judson: Lawn Bowls Coaching ebook icon Rob Judson 2000
Bowls Club Directory - Bowling from John o' Groats to Lands End, The Chris Steadman 2001
Tournament Summer - Seaside Bowls and Bowlers Gordon Allan 2001
Angles of the Green ebook icon Royal NSW BA 2002
EBA Professional Programme for the Care of Bowling Greens bowling green icon ebook icon EBA 2002
Top Shot Mate! Kenn Rogers et al 2002
English Bowling Association Centenary (1903-2003) EBA 2003
Bowl 'em Over Neville Odell 2004
Bowling Club, The Paul Hammond 2004
Crown Green Bowls for Beginners crown green icon Brian Livingston 2004
Lawn Bowls Coaching for Players and Coaches ebook icon Robert Huddle 2004
Leading from the Front - The Rowan Brassey Story Lindsay Knight 2004
Gyrostatic Delivery Technique ebook icon Macka Jensen 2005
Indoor Bowls - Sport England Design Guidance ebook icon Ray Orrell 2005
Lawn Bowls: A Guide for Beginners John Archer et al 2005
Lawn Bowls in Malaysia - The President's Memoir Ahmad Sarji 2005
New Season, The Paul Hammond 2005
Short Mat Bowling short mat icon Ron Collingridge 2005
Yes, I'm in Love with Lawn Bowling On-Kow Au 2005
Coaching for All - Levels One and Two EBCS 2006
Coaching for All - Level Three EBCS 2006
Guide for Beginners EBCS 2006
‘Resting Toucher’: A Time and Motion Analysis of Elite Lawn Bowls ebook icon Aaron J Silk et al 2006
Short Mat Bowling short mat icon Roy Wiggins 2006
All About Bowls - The History, Construction & Maintenance of . . . *  bowling green icon Jeff Perris 2007
Bowls - Skills · Techniques · Tactics John Bell 2007
British Crown Green Bowling Association 1907-2007 crown green icon BCGBA 2007
English Bowls Umpires Association - Training Manual ebook icon EBUA 2007
Going Indoors Paul Hammond 2007
Guide to Improving EBCS 2007
Jack High - The Intimate Story of a Bowls Club Deryck Coleman 2007
Perfect Bowls † Mark de Lacy et al 2007
Tad More Grass, A Neville Odell 2007
Thinking Outside the Mat Ricky Dunne 2007
Bowls New Zealand Umpires Handbook ebook icon Bowls New Zealand Umpires Committee 2008
British Crown Green Bowls Coaching Manual - Levels 1 and 2 crown green icon EBCS and BCGBA 2008
It's Just a Draw ebook icon Peter Miles 2008
Lawn Bowls Champions Secrets Brian L G Marshall 2008
Lawn Bowls plus Management Material ebook icon Bill Morton 2008
Modified Forms of Bowls for Fun ebook icon National Standing Committee for Coaching, Bowls South Africa 2008
Roll up for a Laugh Neville Odell 2009
Rolled Gold Kelvin Kerkow et al 2009
An Eye over Nincompool - A Little Bit of Bowldust L A Woodhouse 2000s
*This is a revised and updated version of Bowling Greens - Their History, Construction and Maintenance first published in 1988.
†This is a revised and updated version of Think and Play Better Bowls first published in 1992.