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Title   (Click title below) Author, etc Year
Bias to Bowls, A Willie Wood, et al 1990
Bowls Without Bias Norma Robinson 1990
Daily Telegraph Bowls Year Book 1991, The Donald Newby 1990
Game of Bowls, The David Bryant et al 1990
New BBC Book of Bowls, The Keith Phillips 1990
Bending for Bowlers Pauline Brooks 1991
Bowlers Handbook, The Anon 1991
Bowls Handbook Anon 1991
Bowls Handbook, The Anon 1991
Flat Green Bowls - The Skills of the Game Gwyn John 1991
Personal Score Record Anon 1991
Register of Play Anon 1991
Skilful Bowls Gwyn John 1991
Take up Bowls Derek Bell et al 1991
Bob Appo - The Most Colourful Bowler in Australia Bob Appo 1992
Coaching Lawn Bowls - A Manual for Beginner Coaches Clarrie Willis 1992
Lawn Bowls - New Techniques for Beginners and Champions Bob Purcell 1992
100 Years of Scottish Bowls 1892-1992 James P Simpson 1992
Think and Play Better Bowls* Mark de Lacy et al 1992
Trials of Wayward Bowlers, The June Hall-Bentick 1992
Skip's Guide to Bowls, The Chris Mills 1993
Success Story Donald Newby 1993
Bowl to Win David Bryant et al 1994
Bowling Enchanted Woods Gordon Allan 1994
Bowls Rules OK Chris Mills 1994
Bunnies on the Bowling Green June Hall-Bentick 1994
Footprints in the Sand - The Birth and Growth of Bowls Australia Inc Al Mewett 1994
Crown King crown green icon Brian Duncan et al 1995
New Zealand Bowls - A Historical Perspective M Guy 1995
Bowler from the Bush, The Joe Douglas 1996
A to Zen of Lawn Bowls, The Barry Salter et al 1997
Crazy World of Bowls, The Bill Stott 1997
Improve Your Bowls' Skills - Delivery Technique & Shot Selection Alex Struthers 1997
Introduction to the Basic Laws of Lawn Bowling, An June Hall-Bentick 1997
Eye for I - A Bowls Fantasy, An L A Woodhouse 1998
Markers . . . Laws & Duties RVBA 1998
Rolling Words - Crown Green Bowling crown green icon Frank Buzzard 1999
Bowls Register Anon 1990s
*In 2007 a revised and updated version of this book was published as Perfect Bowls.