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Title   (Click title below) Author, etc Year
Bowls - The Haggerty Way Joe Haggerty 1980
Bowls Mad Ted Lucock 1980
Bowls - The Winning Way Julius Sergay 1980
How to Play Bowls James Medlycott 1980
100 Bowls Tips Reg Edmonds 1980
Jack High Gerry Pynt 1981
In Search of the Resting Toucher Graham Kinney 1982
Lawn Bowls - Winning Techniques Jock Jepson 1982
Lawn Bowls - The Winning Way John Flett 1982
Laws, the Duties & the Etiquette Applicable to Markers . . . , The Keith McKinley Wilson 1982
Winning Bowls John Snell et al 1982
Bowls By Bosisto Glyn Bosisto 1983
Phil Skoglund Denis Duffy 1983
Winning Bowls - An Introduction to Crown Green Bowls crown green icon Chris Mills 1983
Bowl with Bryant David Bryant 1984
Bowls in South Africa J J de Kock 1984
Crown Bowls - Match Record Book crown green icon Peter Chamberlain 1984
Drawn Shots Richard Gregory 1984
Incomplete Indoor Bowler, The Nick Fenwick 1984
Living with the 'Woods' Earle Wright et al 1984
Bowls is a Funny Game Jack Girling 1985
Bryant on Bowls David Bryant 1985
Golden Rules of Bowls, The Ian Heath 1985
Introduction to Bowls, An The South African Bowls Coaches Council 1985
Lawn Bowls - Straight from the Shoulder Vic Muir 1985
Best of Bowlin' Grin, The Earle Wright 1986
Bowler's Giftbook, The Ern Burrows 1986
Bowls - The Records Patrick Sullivan 1986
Lawn Bowls Dictionary, The Keith Dunstan et al 1986
Superbowl Bryan Brett 1986
BBC Book of Bowls, The Keith Phillips 1987
Belliss on Bowls Peter Belliss 1987
Bowls Chris Mills 1987
Bowls for the Young and Beginners Ron Tarrant 1987
Daily Telegraph Bowls Year Book 1988, The Donald Newby 1987
Improve Your Bowls Tony Allcock 1987
Positive Bowls Alan C Russell 1987
Story of Bowls - From Drake to Bryant, The Phil Pilley 1987
What a Load o' Bowls or I'm All Right Jack! Don East 1987
Beginner's Guide to Bowls, The Geoffrey Godden 1988
Bowling Greens - Their History, Construction and Maintenance bowling green icon * Roger D C Evans 1988
Bowls for Everyone Merle Richardson et al 1988
Crown Green Bowls crown green icon Mike Wakelam 1988
Crown Green Bowls - The Skills of the Game crown green icon Harry Barratt 1988
Lawn Bowls - Shotmaking Made Easy S Squance 1988
Play the Game - Bowls Barry Weekes 1988
So You Want to be a Skip or a Third or a Second or a Lead John Snell 1988
Tony Allcock's Bowls Skills Tony Allcock et al 1988
Bolf - Levelling the Playing Field ebook icon Bill Croft 1989
Bowls - The Why and the Wherefor J J de Kock 1989
Challenge of Lawn Bowls, The Wal Davies 1989
Daily Telegraph Bowls Year Book 1989, The Donald Newby 1989
Daily Telegraph Bowls Year Book 1990, The Donald Newby 1989
End to End - A Year in Bowls Tony Allcock 1989
Etiquette and Courtesy of the Game of Bowls, The Dr Julius Sergay 1989
How to Play Bowls - A Step-by-Step Guide Mike Shaw 1989
Just Bowling Along - A Lighthearted Look at Bowls E A Hope 1989
Purposeful Practice Handbook, The Alan Cox 1980s
*In 2007 a revised and updated version of this book was published as All About Bowls - The History, Construction & Maintenance of Bowling Greens  bowling green icon .