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Title   (Click title below) Author, etc Year
Lawn Bowls for the Beginner Jack Giles 1970
Modern Approach to Bowls, The Frank Soars 1970
Bowls - How to Become a Champion Clarence M Jones 1972
Guide to Bowlers New Zealand BA 1972
Story of Bowls, The Alfred H Haynes 1972
Bowls Anon 1973
Lawn Bowler's Handbook, The Ezra Wyeth et al 1973
Beginner's Guide to Bowls Cyril Johnson 1974
Bowls - The Australian Way Tom Hoey 1974
Encyclopaedia of Bowls Ken Hawkes et al 1974
Indoor Bowls - New Zealand Style Reg Motion 1974
Sally and Jake Play Bowls John Kershaw 1974
Game of Bowls, The Norman King et al 1975
Instant Lawn Bowls Tom Hoey 1975
Indoor Bowls M F Collins 1976
Rally Round the Jack Leonard L Knott 1976
3rd World Bowls Championships, South Africa, 1976 Harry E Bell 1976
Be a Better Bowler New Zealand BA 1977
Murray's Guide to Bowls Murray Book Distrib . . 1977
Successful Lawn Bowls John Dobbie et al 1977
Lady Bowler, The Jack Murphy et al 1978
Not Without Bias - Watson on Bowls Doug Watson et al 1978
Championship Bowls Bill Irish 1979
So You Want to Play Bowls Anon 1979
How to Play Lawn Bowls - The Centre Line Method George H Claridge 1970s