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Title   (Click title below) Author, etc Year
Better Bowls - A Manual for All Who Would Improve Their Game E C Wearne 1960
Bowling Companion, The P G Goodwin 1960
Bowls - Technique and Tactics J T Hankinson et al 1960
Fundamentals of Lawn Bowls, The Albert Newton 1960
Bowls Douglas Lampshire 1961
Crown Bowls crown green icon Ernest Anthony Lundy 1961
Gregory's Australian Guide to Bowls Jack Pollard 1962
Lawn Bowls - The Australian Way Jack Pollard 1962
Bowling Along Glyn Bosisto et al 1963
Winning Bowls Clarence M Jones 1965
American Lawn Bowler's Guide, The Dr Harvey C Maxwell 1966
Bryant on Bowls - Outdoor & Indoor David Bryant 1966
First World Bowls Championship, Australia, 1966 Ampol Petroleum Ltd 1966
Indoor Bowls Arthur Sweeney 1966
'Mr Bowls' - The Pete Skoglund Story Pete Skoglund 1966
Watney Book of Bowls, The Clarence M Jones 1967
Bowling Greens bowling green icon William Howell 1968
Corner to Corner (and Over the Crown) crown green icon John D Vose 1969
One Up One Down Strom 1969
Thus the Bowl Should Run - A Compendium for S African Bowlers A C Partridge 1969