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Title   (Click title below) Author, etc Year
Bowler's Competition Manual, The 'Sandy' 1950
Bowls Gordon Sargeant 1950
Bowls Harold Percy Webber and Dr John William Fisher 1950
Bowls Encyclopaedia John P Monro 1951
Humour of Bowls, The John P Monro 1952
Romance of Bowl Manufacture, The John P Monro 1952
Bowlers on Tour H E O Campbell 1953
Etiquette of Bowls, The John P Monro 1953
Sporting Life Bowls Book Anon 1953
Bowls from Every Angle Jack Jones 1954
Etiquette of Marking in Lawn Bowls, The John A Malan1954
Shot! Charles Playfair 1954
Visit of First Australian Bowling Team to South Africa and Rhodesia, 1952-53 Max Valkenberg, Rupert J H Pedler et al 1954
Bowls - Know the Game EBA/Bowls England and BCGBA 1955
Competitive Bowls Albert Thomas Evans 1956
World Bowls Dr John W Fisher 1956
Bowls to Suit Everyone Walter Angel 1957
Bowling Greens and Their Maintenance bowling green icon Harold S Darke 1958
Teach Yourself Bowls James Taylor 1958
Tackle Bowls This Way Norman King et al 1959
Who's Who and Encyclopaedia of Bowls Godfrey R Bolsover 1959
How to Play Bowls Scientifically Harold Percy Webber and James Hartley 1950s