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Title   (Click title below) Author, etc Year
Quoits and Horseshoe Pitching. Lawn Bowls and the Italian Game of 'Boccie' American Sports Publishing Company 1930
Bowls - Theory and Practice George T Burrows 1931
Progressive Tournaments Simplified for the Game of Bowls John A Malan 1931
Record of the Australian Bowling Team to the British Isles 1930 J S Whalley 1931
Art of Bowls, The Felix Hotchkiss 1932
Facts About Grading, The H Barton Lee 1932
Modern Technique of Bowls, The Harold P Webber et al 1932
Art of Delivery - The Bowlers' Handbook No. 1, The Prof Maxwell Walker 1933
History of the Game of Bowls, A E J Linney 1933
Bowls - How to Improve Your Game Harold P Webber et al 1934
Crown and Flat Green Bowls George T Burrows 1934
First Twenty-one Songs of the Bowling Green Harry Murphy 1934
Bowler's Complete Guide to the Crown Green and Rink Games James Hartley 1935
Bowls - How to Play the Game - Correct Style and Delivery Dr C E Williams 1935
Making of a Bowler, The Fred Gould 1935
Ditties for Bowlers Josh Hammil 1936
Practical Hints on Bowling 'Jack High' 1936
Bowls - The Text Book of the Game Richard T Harrison 1937?
Fifty Odd Years on the Bowling Green crown green icon James Platt 1937
Game of Bowls, The Felix Hotchkiss 1937
Our Game and Omar Khay-yam for Bowlers John May 1937
Bowlers' Album and Book of Chronicles, The J G Wilson 1938
History of Indoor Bowls in New Zealand 1913-1938, The Frank A Harris 1938
How to Become a Champion at Bowls Richard T Harrison 1939