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Title   (Click title below) Author, Compiler, etc
Marker's and Umpire's Duties, The World Bowls and Bowls England
Modern Bowls George T Burrows
Modern Technique of Bowls, The H P Webber and Dr John W Fisher
Murder on the Bowling Green Richard Derbyshire
New BBC Book of Bowls, The Keith Phillips
New Season, The Paul Hammond
New Way to Better Bowls, A Dr John W Fisher
Not Enough Green Les Raybould
Personal Score Record Anon
Play the Game - Bowls Barry Weekes
Purposeful Practice Handbook, The Alan Cox
Quoits and Bowls Sydney Daryl
Register of Play Anon
Reminders for Club Secretaries and Treasurers Carlton Wallace
Rolling Words - Crown Green Bowling crown green icon Frank Buzzard
Sally and Jake Play Bowls John Kershaw
Sex & Bowls & Rock & Roll Alex Marsh
Short Mat Bowling short mat icon Ron Collingridge
Short Mat Bowling - An Illustrated Guide to This Challenging Sport short mat icon Roy Wiggins
Skilful Bowls Gwyn John
Skip's Guide to Bowls, The Chris Mills
Story of Bowls, The Alfred H Haynes
Story of Bowls - From Drake to Bryant, The Phil Pilley
Success Story Donald Newby
Superbowl Bryan Brett
Tackle Bowls This Way Norman King
Take up Bowls Derek Bell with Graham Preston
Teach Yourself Bowls James Taylor
That's Bowls! L G Lanchris
Tony Allcock's Bowls Skills Tony Allcock (ed David Rhys Jones)
Tournament Summer - Seaside Bowls and Bowlers Gordon Allan
Watney Book of Bowls, The Clarence Medlycott Jones
What a Load o' Bowls or I'm All Right Jack! Don East
Who's Who and Encyclopaedia of Bowls Godfrey R Bolsover
Winning Bowls Clarence Medlycott Jones
Winning Bowls - An Introduction to Crown Green Bowls crown green icon Chris Mills
Wood for 'Woods' - An Exposition on Bowls, The Anon
World Bowls Dr John W Fisher