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Title   (Click title below) Author, Compiler, Editor, etc
Lady Bowler, The Jack Murphy and J H Prince
Lawn Bowler's Handbook, The Ezra Wyeth and Paul Thomas
Lawn Bowls - The Australian Way Jack Pollard
Lawn Bowls for the Beginner Jack Giles
Lawn Bowls Champions Secrets Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall
Lawn Bowls Coaching for Players and Coaches ebook icon Robert Huddle
Lawn Bowls Dictionary, The Keith Dunstan (illustrator Jeff Hook)
Lawn Bowls: The Beginner's Essential Handbook John Archer and Rex Davies
Lawn Bowls: A Guide for Beginners John Archer and Rex Davies
Lawn Bowls plus Management Material ebook icon Bill Morton
Lawn Bowls - New Techniques for Beginners and Champions Bob Purcell
Lawn Bowls - Straight from the Shoulder Vic Muir
Laws, the Duties & the Etiquette Applicable to Markers in . . . , The Keith McKinley Wilson
Making of a Bowler, The Fred Gould
Markers . . . Laws & Duties Royal Victorian Bowls Association
Modern Approach to Bowls, The Frank Soars
Murray's Guide to Bowls Murray Book Distributors
100 Bowls Tips Reg Edmonds
One Up One Down Strom
Our Game and Omar Khay-yam for Bowlers John May
Practical Hints on Bowling 'Jack High'
Principles and Practise of Australian Bowls 'Brownie'
Progressive Tournaments Simplified for the Game of Bowls John A Malan
Record of the Australian Bowling Team to the British Isles 1930 J S Whalley
‘Resting Toucher’: A Time and Motion Analysis of Elite Lawn . . . ebook icon Aaron J Silk, John Hammond et al
Rhymes from the Greensward E D Thorpe
Rob Judson: Lawn Bowls Coaching ebook icon Rob Judson
Roll up for a Laugh Neville Odell
Rolled Gold Kelvin Kerkow & David Tenenbaum
Romance of Bowl Manufacture, The John P Monro
Russ Waugh's Way to Better Bowls Russ Waugh
So You Want to be a Skip or a Third or a Second or a Lead John Snell
Sporting Life Bowls Book Anon
Study of the Game of Bowls, A Norman Hellard
Successful Lawn Bowls John Dobbie and Wal Davies
Top Shot Mate! Kenn Rogers with Chops Stanger
Tad More Grass, A Neville Odell
Trials of Wayward Bowlers, The June Hall-Bentick
Visit of First Australian Bowling Team to S Africa and Rhodesia . . . Max Valkenberg, R J H Pedler et al
Winning Becomes You: In Lawn Bowls Lachlan Tighe
Winning Bowls John Snell with Bill Pritchard
Y-B-Lonely? . . . Play Lawn Bowls and Have Fun Pat O'Brien