picture on front cover/dust jacket
Title Bryant on Bowls - Outdoor & Indoor
Author David Bryant
Publisher Cassell & Company Ltd, London
First published 1966
ISBN 0-304-93687-1
Edition reviewed 2nd (revised and enlarged; published 1970)
Hardback/softback Hardback
List price £1.50
Cover size (cm)
(height x width)
22.3 x 13.9
Number of pages 160
Number of pages with Coloured photos Black & white photos Line drawings
  None 49 9
Synopsis Reigning World and Commonwealth Champion Singles player, and winner of countless international and national titles since his first appearance for England in 1958, David Bryant exemplifies the vigorous, youthful movement that has transformed bowls in the last ten years. His constructive and imaginative approach to the game has won him not only a record number of honours, but a reputation and a following that are without parallel in world bowls.

For this edition of his book, David Bryant has written a completely new chapter on the latest booming development in the game, indoor bowls, and the variations in technique and tactics that are needed to master it. Needless to say, David Bryant has every qualification for writing on the indoor game. At the time of writing he has been twice British Isles and four times English Singles champion.

The first edition of his Bryant on Bowls met with universal approval when it was published in 1966. Cyril Johnson, writing in The Bowls News, said it was 'a book which should be in the possession of every bowler who deserves to succeed competitively.' 'It is a fine book, well produced and illustrated,' wrote Lance Masters in the Sunday Telegraph, 'and bristling with stimulating opinions and suggestions from a man who clearly has one of the most original minds in world bowls.'

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