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Title Bryant on Bowls
Author David Bryant
Publisher Penguin Group, London
First published 1985 (hardback)
ISBN 0-7207-1905-4
Edition reviewed 4th impression (published 1993)
Hardback/softback Softback
List price £12.99
Cover size (cm)
(height x width)
23.6 x 17.0
Number of pages 223
Number of pages with Coloured photos Black & white photos Line drawings
  None 38 12
Synopsis The highly acclaimed best-selling book from the world's greatest ever bowler is now reissued in paperback.

'It's all in the mind' says the knowing commentator, without adding what it is that is in the mind or how to cope with it.

Over the years Britain's foremost bowls player has had to learn the hard way about attitudes, nerve, concentration, patience, the will-to-win and all the other intangibles of successful competitive bowls.

In Bryant on Bowls the author takes the reader through the years separating his first appearance in a Clevedon Club match onto the EBA National Fours in 1957 and continuing through to the first ever bowls prize of 10,000. He mixes techniques and the intangibles when describing the increased experience he gathered from playing top class bowls year after year.

David Bryant's book explains some of the attitudes, techniques, courage and patience that have hitherto remained hidden but which convert losers into champions.

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