picture on cassette box
Title Bowls with Bryant
Featuring David Bryant with David Rhys Jones
Produced by Communication & Entertainment Group
First produced Not known
Approximate running time 65 minutes
Recommended retail price Not known
Colour encoding system PAL
Video cassette format VHS
Code None
Synopsis David Bryant CBE played his first game of bowls at the tender age of seven. The next five decades have been devoted to the game he loves so much. During this period he has analysed every aspect of the game and created his own very special style and variety of techniques.

David is a living legend having won a record number of major championships throughout the world including six world singles titles and five Commonwealth gold medals. His enthusiasm and sportsmanship have earned him the affectionate title of 'Mr Bowls'.

This instructional video is a must for all bowlers whatever their age or standard. Assisted by David Rhys Jones, his friend and playing partner, he explains and demonstrates 'the champion's approach' to the great game of bowls.

David applies special attention to the following key skills:

  • Choice of bowl - size, bias, weight
  • Grip - cradle, claw, finger
  • Stance and delivery - athletic, fixed, semi-fixed, crouch
  • Forehand and backhand
  • Line and length
  • Speed of green
  • Length of jack - full, medium, short
  • Delivery of jack
  • Type of shot - draw, running, firm, drive
  • Running shots - trail, wrest, wick, run through