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Title Bowls Through the Decades
The Proud History of Over 100 Years of Bowls in New Zealand
Author John Carter
Publisher Bowls New Zealand Incorporated
First published 2013
ISBN None stated
Edition reviewed 1st
Hardback/softback Softback
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Cover size (cm)
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29.5 x 20.9
Number of pages 250
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  163 92 11
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Synopsis Bowls Through the Decades was compiled not only to celebrate the centenary of Bowls New Zealand and the associations from which it evolved, but also to record the playing of the game of lawn bowls in New Zealand since Auckland, the first club, was established in 1862. The result is a profusely illustrated, fascinating fact-packed publication with an encyclopaedic coverage of subjects. It is impossible to satisfactorily summarise such a wide-ranging volume, but a list of some of the more obscure subjects which caught my eye will give a flavour of the contents: photographs of front covers of tournament programmes; old photographs of clubhouses; philosophy of bowls - verses to players; caricatures of winners of Speight's North East Valley 10,000 invitation singles tournament; women's dress code 1950-1994; disabled bowls; blind bowls; front covers of bowls magazines; cartoons and anecdotes. The Contents which follow provides a broader overview:
  • Introduction
  • Pre-September 1913
  • Decade One
  •           ∼
  • Decade Ten
  • Gold Star Holders
  • NZ Male Representative Bowlers
  • NZ Female Representative Bowlers
  • World Bowls Events Representation
  • British Empire/Commonwealth Games Representation
  • Asia Pacific Championships Medal Winners
  • Sundry National Competitions
  • Life Members and Honours
  • Centre Information
  • Hall of Fame Inductees

Overall, a magnum opus which will appeal to, and is deserving of, a wide readership.