picture on cassette box
Title Bowls Master Class with Richard Corsie
Featuring Richard Corsie
Produced by Mainstream Television
First produced 1993
Approximate running time 84 minutes
Recommended retail price £12.99
Colour encoding system PAL
Video cassette format VHS
Code AVC 104
Synopsis Three times (1989, 1991 and 1993) World Champion Richard Corsie demonstrates skills and expertise on the green of a standard that few of us can ever hope to attain. His style and commitment to excellence are a thrill to watch. Now, for the first time, Richard shares his techniques and views through more than eighty minutes of video tape.

From beginners through to intermediate and on to competition play, Richard guides you through a programme for perfection. The video contains live action as well as coaching sequences and shows you some of the most dazzling shots ever seen in the game of bowls. Every aspect of the game is covered in a lively, enthusiastic and engaging style. And, as a bonus, there is an addendum where Richard demonstrates a variety of the game's different types of shot.

This is an unrepeatable opportunity for you to improve your techniques under guidance from the expert.

YouTube also has a three-part series of Bowls Masterclass with Richard Corsie as follows:
Part 1 Beginner
Part 2 Intermediate
Part 3 Advanced