picture on cassette box
Title Bowling the Jack
Featuring Tony Allcock with Brian Duncan
Produced by Castle Home Video
First produced 1995
Approximate running time 55 minutes
Recommended retail price £5.99
Colour encoding system PAL
Video cassette format VHS
Code CHV 2136
Synopsis Newcomers to the sport of bowls are often surprised at the emphasis that experienced bowlers place on the accuracy of positioning the jack. In this video, Tony Allcock, master of the flat green, discusses the importance of bowling the jack with Brian Duncan, undisputed king of the crown green game.

Tony and Brian explore the various elements of the drawing shot in relation to the jack's position, as both an offensive and defensive tactic. All bowlers need this weapon in their armoury of skill and this video will improve everyone's understanding of the drawing shot.

Tony and Brian then discuss the firm wood, the take-out, the wick, the plant and other winning techniques. This brilliant production can only improve any bowler's overall play, thus raising their game to a higher level.

This title was also made available as a 2 in 1 programme with Bowls and Basics through David Finch Distribution Ltd, recommended retail price £12.99.