picture on cassette box
Title Bowling Green Maintenance
Compiler Roger Evans, Advisory Agronomist, Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI)
Produced by STRI
First produced 1997
Approximate running time 30 minutes
List price £4.99 (originally £19.50)
Colour encoding system PAL
Video cassette format VHS
Code None
Synopsis The making of this video involved the recording of a full 12-month cycle of bowling green maintenance work, starting in February 1996, and covers both flat and crown green management. As well as demonstrating the various greenkeeping operations required to produce and maintain a good bowling surface, the video seeks to explain how the underlying condition of an individual green should be assessed, how faults and weaknesses can be pinpointed, and how problems such as poor soil profiles, turf diseases, weeds, unsatisfactory surface levels, etc can be identified and corrected.

The video is arranged into the following two parts:

    Part 1: Assessing Your Green and Identifying Problems
  • Introduction
  • Grass identification
  • Weeds
  • Moss
  • Fungal problems and earthworms
  • Surface levels
  • Green surrounds and their significance
  • Sub-surface conditions
  • Mowing

  • Part 2: The Seasonal Cycle of Maintenance
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • It is the wish of the STRI that the video will be of help to all greenkeepers in the difficult and exacting task of bowling green maintenance, and that it will demonstrate to the average club bowler just how much skilled work is nesessary if an acceptable bowling surface is to be created and preserved.

    The STRI has informed me that the last copy of this video was sold just before Christmas 2010 and that there are no plans to produce more copies or to convert the footage into DVD format. There is always the possibility that a few copies may find their way on to the second-hand market and a number of sources can be found here.